Latest BMFA update on UK regulations for model flyers

The following is an extract from the BMFA update on the UK regulations for model flyers issued 23/8/2019.

“The situation can be summarised as follows:

  1. At the present time, the UK Associations will have no direct involvement in the registration of their individual members into the DRES as operators or confirmation of their competency as remote pilots.
  2. Compliance with the requirements of the DRES will therefore be entirely a matter for individual members to decide upon.
  3. Whilst the UK Associations would obviously encourage members to participate in the DRES, we will have no direct involvement with it and cannot monitor or enforce compliance (coupled with the fact that only those members flying aircraft weighing more than 250g outdoors are required to register). Compliance will therefore be advisory rather than a condition of membership.
  4. However, it is important to note that the insurance cover provided to members covers ‘lawful and recognised activities’ and as such cover could only be assured for those operating lawfully (which includes participation in the DRES where required from the 30th November) which members should consider when deciding how to proceed.  We are still working with insurers to clarify the final position in terms of members and clubs.”

For further information please refer to the BMFA website news pages.