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On line Auction of Tony Hodder’s models and equipment now live on the members page.

As most of you already know, due to the Coronavirus outbreak we had to cancel the auction of Tony Hodder’s models and equipment which was planned to take place in March. Now that the lockdown measures are easing we have decided to hold an online auction, restricted to club members only. The list of the items in the sale, which is the same as that published previously, and details of the On line Auction process can be found on the members page.

Happy bidding.

In memory of Howard:-:Smooth landing.

Due to the onset of the coronavirus the club wasn’t represented at Howard’s funeral last month. However, Algy Yates promised that he would make a flight in his micro-light aircraft over our field in memory of Howard. This he has done and there is a video of his flight at . Algy points out that his return to base didn’t quite go to plan!

Auction of Model Aircraft & Equipment 15th March 2020


Acle Model Flying Club is holding an auction/sale of Model Aircraft and equipment at a date to be advised; at a time when it is clear that Corona Virus prevention controls are no longer necessary, or alternative method of sale is decided. The nature of the sale will be decided and announced at a later date and this may include a change in the format and means of auction/sale.

The auction list has been removed and will be reissued in the appropriate format when reanounced.

The Models are exceptionally well built with most being fully equipped with engine/motor, servo & receiver and are ready to set up and fly with your own transmitter.

The equipment ranges from the brand new to the well used but all exceptionally well maintained.

They were all the passion and product of our late member Tony Hodder who sadly passed away at the end of last year. It was Tony’s wish that they should be sold by the club to raise funds towards the purchase of our flying field.



AMFC Rules Jan 2020 & minutes of 2019 AGM


  1. The current AMFC Rules are now available to view on the members page.
  2. The minutes of the 2019 AGM are also now available to view on the members page.


Member password change

As per the notification issued to members by the committee the members password changed effective 9.30am Saturday 1st February 2020. The last 4 digits change to match the new gate lock code which can be found on the back of your membership card.

Latest BMFA update on UK regulations for model flyers

The following is an extract from the BMFA update on the UK regulations for model flyers issued 23/8/2019.

“The situation can be summarised as follows:

  1. At the present time, the UK Associations will have no direct involvement in the registration of their individual members into the DRES as operators or confirmation of their competency as remote pilots.
  2. Compliance with the requirements of the DRES will therefore be entirely a matter for individual members to decide upon.
  3. Whilst the UK Associations would obviously encourage members to participate in the DRES, we will have no direct involvement with it and cannot monitor or enforce compliance (coupled with the fact that only those members flying aircraft weighing more than 250g outdoors are required to register). Compliance will therefore be advisory rather than a condition of membership.
  4. However, it is important to note that the insurance cover provided to members covers ‘lawful and recognised activities’ and as such cover could only be assured for those operating lawfully (which includes participation in the DRES where required from the 30th November) which members should consider when deciding how to proceed.  We are still working with insurers to clarify the final position in terms of members and clubs.”

For further information please refer to the BMFA website news pages.

Growing membership

From very early on this year we have seen a steady flow of new members joining the club. Having ended 2018 with 53 members we are up to 62 including 2 juniors and 10 trainees. This is a clear indication that the club is growing and has a great future ahead.

Our club instructors have been key to supporting the proportionately high number of trainees and encouraging them through the joys and pains of learning to fly model RC aircraft. Not only that but they are the front line in welcoming new members, introducing them to club rules, assessing experienced RC pilots, carrying out noise tests and taking newcomers to the sport up for the first time. All in a very friendly, encouraging and selfless way. With at least 4 members having achieved their Club A certificate so far this year it has been a very satisfying flying season for all concerned.

This is just one of the aspects that make AMFC such an hospitable and friendly club.

As the webmaster for our site I’ll be putting up posts for news items from the committee as and when they come up. I’ll also be happy to post any news or photos that members wish to pass on for general circulation on the website bearing in mind that this site is accessible to “all and any” on the internet.

Happy flying.

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