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About Us

The AMFC began in 1982 when two people, who were unaware of the other, contacted the Ormesby St Margaret Parish Council asking for permission to fly model aircraft on the playing field at Station Road, Ormesby St Margaret.  The Parish Council, were very supportive and introduced them to each other.  From this simple beginning the idea to form a Club was born and the AMFC came into being and has flourished since with the number of members gradually increasing with people from all age groups and backgrounds. 

During 1991 we were very fortunate in finding a site near Acle Bridge that today is our principal flying site.   

During 2004, the Club managed to receive permanent Planning Permission for the Acle site so our future is ensured. 

Flying at the Acle site is currently allowed on most days of the week for i/c powered models and every day for electric powered models.  We require, as a condition of our Planning Permission, all conventional powered models to pass a sound emission test, as laid down by the DOE Code of Conduct on Sound Emission from Model Aircraft 1982.  This is easily achievable and helps us to remain ‘good neighbours’. 

The Club encourages flying of all types of models and offers training to British Model Flying Association standards for fixed and rotary wing models. 

The Club has a complete training aircraft and equipment.  A student does not initially need to have their own model and associated equipment.  Once a trainee can demonstrate that they can fly to the BMFA ‘A’ standard and have a good understanding of the rules laid down by the club, the BMFA and the CAA they may fly “solo” .

 The Club Rules are sensible and have been formulated over the years based upon requirements and ‘finding out the hard way’.  There are a few other requirements that need to be followed as part of our Planning Permission, but these are straightforward and do not restrict flying or the enjoyment of doing so in any way.  

 Membership of the Club is available (up to our maximum allowed) to persons of all ages, and backgrounds.  Applications are invited from persons of both sexes as well as from those who have a disability.  The AMFC will do it’s best to accommodate the needs of any member who has a disability bearing in mind the sport we are enjoying and the environment in which we practice it.

 Any further details, not covered by this general information sheet can be obtained from the Club Secretary, who will be glad to help.