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Welcome to the Acle Model Flying Club 

We have a grass field flying site located on the outskirts of Acle town centre. We are based on Main Road on the A1064. Our club has been established for many years and has a variety of flyers, both aeroplane and helicopter pilots of various experience and ability.
We have a mixture of IC and electric models and operate according to BMFA guidelines with respect to noise limits.
If you have an interest in radio control flying then please come and pay us a visit and see if you like us and see what we have to offer. If the weather is fine you will usually find some of us on the field. If not give a committee member a call and have a chat. Contact numbers are on the ‘Contact’ page.

The Birdie Muffler

Have you got an aircraft that needs to be just that little bit more quieter to get you through the sound test.?

Then you need to make yourself one of Howards do it yourself Birdie Muffler.

We have all experienced those dead stick landings when you aircrafts heart stops beating. This is most common in Models that either have their engines mounted on the side or even inverted.